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4th Grade End of Year Celebration

We have had several parents reach out the grade level mom for 4th grade, so we thought we would send out a message with more specific information for Monday's field trip.

We have reserved Rob Fleming Aquatic Center from 10 am - noon. The buses will leave after/around 9 and return to BBE after noon. We will have lunch (pizza, cupcakes, snacks and water) at BBE for the kids when they get back to the school. Each 4th grade student will receive a backpack filled with a bottle of water and snacks (pretzels, goldfish, nutrigrain bar, fruit snacks and a rice crispy treat) to take with them and the bags are labeled with their name. The cost for the facility, lunch and snacks was covered with the $10 you sent in earlier this semester plus the $750 PTO pays for field trips. Students need to bring their own towels and are welcome to bring dry clothes to change into when we get back to the school.

Bathing Suits: Students must wear a bathing suit (no athletic shorts, etc). Bathing suits cannot have a buckle on them due to potential damage to slides, etc. Girls must have their stomach covered (one piece or tankini). T-shirts are allowed in the pool over bathing suits if needed. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Pool toys are NOT allowed. Goggles are allowed but students are responsible of keeping track of them. There is a height requirement for the slide and students must meet the minimum to use it. There are pool rules posted on site and students will need to follow those rules as well.

If you would like to accompany your student, you are welcome to meet them at Rob Fleming. If you have not already RSVP'd for a raptor sticker, please do that now. The stickers will be available at BBE for you to pick up before you meet the staff and students at Rob Fleming. If you do not RSVP you will need to wait in line for a sticker at the front desk. A raptor sticker is required for entry into Rob Fleming. Please understand that siblings are not allowed on the field trip and that swimming is for the students only. More information about Rob Fleming Aquatic Center including the address can be found HERE.

Space City Photo Booth has graciously decided to donate a photo booth for the students to use when they get back to BBE. Also, our Magnolia HEB has donated the cupcakes for the students.

If you have any questions, please contact our grade level mom, Robyn Beasley, at



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