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Adventure Dash THIS Friday

Last Wednesday there was a pep rally to introduce our fall fundraiser to the students. This fall we will be running an obstacle course on 10/20. Students can raise money by having people pledge - unlike last year, the pledges are a flat amount and do not depend on how much the kids run. The Adventure Dash ("AD") team will be presenting healthy lessons during specials this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

If you need to set up the link for your student(s), please click HERE.

Classroom and school wide goals have been set which were communicated to the kids, but we also wanted to let our parents know.

Classroom Goals:

$300 = Extra Recess

$500 = YELLOW Dash Band

$800 = Field Day Frenzy

$1,000 = Slime an AD Coach

$1,300 = BLUE Dash Band

$1,500 = DJ Party

$1,800 = MYSTERY Dash Band

$2,000 = Water Balloon Battle with AD Coaches

$2,500 = MEGA Dash Band

We also have Campus Goals:

$15,000 = Sit Anywhere During Lunch

$30,000 = Mrs. Ray will Kiss a Pig

$45,000 = Fun Jumps During Specials on 11/17

$60,000 = Kona Ice During Lunches on 11/17

$72,000 = Snow Day on 11/17

Please note that the $15K and $30K rewards will occur when the goal is met. All other goals will be rewarded on 11/17 based on the highest dollar amount met.

All students are included in the Dash, regardless of pledge level.

Parents are invited to the Dash on 10/20. If you are willing to help pass out water during the Dash, you can volunteer by grade level by clicking HERE.

As always, if you have any questions please email us at



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