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September Volunteer Luncheon

Hello parents! My name is Christine Hart and I am the PTO board member in charge of hospitality this year! Our first luncheon is fast approaching and I need your help! To start the year off right, our first luncheon will be full of appetizers!! Some ideas for these are: pasta salad, caprese salad, baked potato bites, cheese and cracker plates, assorted olives, Caesar salad, bread and dip, veggie plates, sliders, fruit plates, and anything else along those line that you can think of! Each dish needs to serve 10. We also would love to have some desserts! Things like: brownies, cookies, pies, and coffee cakes. Our teachers give 100% every day for our kids, please join me in saying, "Thank you!"

When you sign up, please indicate what type of appetizer/dessert you will be bringing so we do not have repeats! Thank you so much for your help!

Click HERE to sign up!

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