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What is "Meet The Teacher?"

This question seems silly but it really isn't. Yes, you will find out who is (and meet) your student's teacher but there is more to this drop-in-at-your-convenience event.

At BBE Meet the Teacher you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet you teacher(s)

  • Tour the school

  • Visit with other BBE families

  • Drop off your school supplies in your classroom

  • Learn about the BBE clubs

  • Sign up for the after school Adventures program

  • Get information on the Early Morning Childcare program

  • Get transportation information

  • Add money to your lunch account

  • Visit the Kona Ice truck

  • Pick up dinner at the JAX truck

We've heard that some of the logistics of Meet The Teacher MIGHT be different this year, but I can share how things have been done in the past. Last year, we were directed to the cafeteria to find the table that corresponds with your student's last name and there you will pick up their teacher information and a whole envelope full of handouts. There are multiple information tables in the cafeteria to help solve any questions you might have - such as the lunch menu or bus routes. Then you can walk your student to their grade level hallway so they know where their classroom is and have a moment to meet their teacher. You can drop off their school supplies (if you preordered them, the teacher will have them for you in the room) and there will be paperwork that needs to be reviewed and filled out (if you have multiple students or just don't have time to fill it out, ask if you can take it home and send it back in on the first day of school).

Easy pease, lemon cheesy as my kids like to say.

If you just absolutely cannot make it to Meet the Teacher, you are welcome to walk your student in on Monday. Just stop by the front desk so you can find out their teacher information and then walk them to their class. In fact EVERYONE is welcome to walk their students to class on the first day of school. Starting the second day of school, all students will be directed to the gym for morning assembly.

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